Hunter River (II-)

2 days hike, 1-2 days paddle.

Remote and scenic headwaters, in a seldom visited valley | Otago.

Upper Nevis River (I/III)

Roadside grade III in Otago Highcountry, with two day’s worth of paddling, hiking and biking on offer.

Needs rain to be runnable.

Dingle Burn (III+)

2 day through trip with a crux gorge in the middle.
Long car shuttle, and tricky to get the right flow.

Greenstone River (III+/IV)

Epic scenery, challenging whitewater and huge potential for creative approaches: a long day trip, an overnighter or as part of a larger mission.

Caples River II (IV+,P)

A stunning paddle with magnificent views of the Humboldt and Ailsa Mountain ranges along with beautiful sections of exquisite South Island crystal clear pools in majestic gorges with beech lined forest.   Thank you to Alan Swann for the information for this trip page. View Larger Topographic Map The trip can be done in a…

Rees River (II/III) from Muddy Creek to McDougals Creek

A great little roadside run in a beautiful beech lined valley. There’s a few pool drop Class III rapids at the beginning, followed by a fun and bouncy trip on pretty continuous class II. The initial rapids can be easily portaged. Thanks to Huw Miles for the information. Photo credits to Huw Miles Julian…

Huxley River (II/III-)

An out and back overnight (or long day) trip to a beautiful valley. This trip benefits from a 4WD and bit of rain, in normal flows you’d probably be scraping or walking rather than floating. Beautiful backdrop to an interesting paddle. View Larger Topographic Map Lake Ohau Valley Road to Huxley Forks Huts Beyond the…

South Temple Stream (III-) from South Temple Hut

Apart from a very short and easily portaged gorge halfway down, the South Temple below the hut provides fast and consistent paddling through boulder gardens. This sweet section of stream needs a bit of rain to bring it into condition for paddling, otherwise it is just too bony to float. There are a few options…

Clutha River (I) Alexandra to Roxborough Gorge

A relaxed float down one of NZ’s largest rivers, with impressive rocky cliffs and heritage sites on the return journey. We began our day trip from Alexandra, and returned by hiking up the Roxborough Gorge Trail, though there are other ways to incorporate a packraft into a trip in this area. You could hike or…

Ahuriri River (I-II) from Watson Creek

The upper section needs a bit of rain to be worth a trip, but it’s a beautiful valley and a very mellow paddle. Depending on your enthusiasm, time and objectives, you could visit the Ahuriri for a day trip, a short shuttle run, or a long float all the way to Omarama. View Larger Topographic…

Lower Motatapu River (I) – Matukituki River (I) loop

UPSTREAM STRAINER HAZARD As of 20 Dec 2021, there are at least 4 river wide strainers upstream of this section.. Downstream there are more than a few strainer hazards: In high flows, it would be difficult to avoid some of these, so be warned and avoid this unless you’ve been down recently at normal flow….

Rees River (I) from 25 Mile Creek to Muddy Creek

A simple, short day trip to a beautiful valley. Great trip for beginning packrafters, even after rain. View Larger Topographic Map Rees Valley Track Most 2WD vehicles with a bit of clearance can get up the Rees Valley Road, though there are a few stream fords which might be problematic for some vehicles. A good…

Matukituki River East Branch (II/III-) from Junction Flat to Cameron Flat

A classic day trip, with straightforward access, amazing views and just enough rapids to keep intermediate packrafters entertained but not terrified. Needs a bit of rain to bring out the best in it. View Larger Topographic Map Jetboats Be aware that Wanaka River Journeys (as well as recreational jet boaters) regularly operate on the Matukituki River. These…

Hopkins River (I-II) from Dodger Hut to Ram Hill 2WD carpark

A large beautiful valley with a plethora of huts. Lots of tramping, climbing and hunting opportunities. The packrafting is generally very easy in normal flows, down a wide braided river. Very easy access, you can even get a 4wd up the valley! Good beginners trip. This trip page is intended for inspiration only, and is…

Makarora River (II) Cameron Flat to Bridge Flat

Most of the Makarora is a wide braided river, which gets quite bony in the upper reaches in normal flows. The main road runs close by for much of its length, so you could start higher (Davis Flat) or even do the short hike to the swingbridge by the Makarora Gorge for a slightly more…

Wilkin River (I+) from Kerin Forks Hut

A mellow out and back trip to a neat hut, with options for side trips or as a starting point for bigger adventures. There’s some good fishing up around the Hut. There’s a little bit of class II further up the Wilkin Valley, but it quickly gets very steep with huge boulder gardens (class IV-V)….

Hawea River (II)

The Hawea is a hydro dam controlled river. In its usual state of 10 cumecs, it’s a very simple class II run, close to town. When the dam releases, the play wave in the middle is rated at class III and will be full with all the local kayakers! View Larger Topographic Map The Hawea…