Mokihinui (III+/IV)

The Mokihinui is a brilliant packraft trip. You can walk in from the west, stay a night and paddle out. You can head in from the Buller end by bike or foot on the Old Ghost Road, then hop on the river where your skills dictate.

Maruia River (II+) Boundary Road to Shenandoah Stream

The Maruia is a very pleasant and scenic float that is mostly Class II. There is a Class III rapid in the middle of the run and there are a few Class II+ depending on flow. It’s an easy run as anything above Class II is easily portaged. You don’t need 2 days to complete…

Paringa River (II/III+)

Overnight out and return with route finding and a great hut. Put in where it suits your skills and the flows.
South Westland

Fox River (II)

Day or overnight out and return, through spectacular limestone canyons, with mellow paddling.

Paparoa National Park, Westland

Jacksons River (II)

A beautiful and relatively easy West Coast River. Great for a cruisey days paddling, between hitting the Arawhata and Waiatoto. 😉 The Jackson would make a great and easy bike raft trip or of course you can hike, hitch or car to car paddle. It has a great side trip up to Lake Ellery on…

Okarito River (II/III)

West coast.

A car to car trip with a variety of paddling, from lake, to easy river to class III rapids to esturary!

Very scenic paddle.

Alfred Stream (II)

Short and scenic, with easy access and option to make it into an overnight trip with a stay at Lake Daniell.

Lower Nile (I+)

It’s not everyday you get to raft the Nile! A trip to do when all rivers in the area in high as the Nile need a bit more flow. Another amazing limestone gorge, full bush, running clear, even when high. Nice limestone rock formations. Thanks to Martin Wilson for the info. If you have any…

Clarke River (I/II) from Rough Creek

A relatively straight-forward out and back weekend trip to a beautiful braided river beneath Mt Hooker. Best after rain, or during the spring melt. View Larger Topographic Map Logistics and (potential) shuttle There are a couple of ways to start and end the trip. No shuttle: Park your vehicles on the southern side of Clarke…

Blue Grey River (II/III) via Robinson Valley

A fun loop trip in Lewis Pass, with a walk up beech forest valley and over a pass, a quick paddle across Lake Christabel and through grade 2 to 3 rapids (with some portaging). Thank you to Carey Lintott, Nicole Symon and Martin Peat for the information and photos. This keen group did the trip…

Grey River (II/III) via the Nina Valley

A long distance through trip that crosses the main divide from east to west. Most people would probably want to allow 4 or 5 days for the trip which is evenly split with 50km of trekking and 50km of paddling. Some off-track navigation is required and the class III Gentle Annie gorge has no easy…