This blog is for the community.

After my first Packrafting trip in 2015, I was really excited about the prospect of hike and paddle adventures. Although I’d walked quite a bit through New Zealand’s back country, I was usually looking at rivers as obstacles, rather than routes. So when it came to choosing trips to do that were within my skill level, I found it reasonably tricky to get the right mix of what I was after.

The aim of this blog is to collect information about Packrafting Trips in NZ, so that we can share the knowledge of the community, help others choose appropriate trips and have a bunch of fun.

Some of these trips I’ve done myself, but most are compiled from information from other people. I’ve endeavoured to keep things consistent as possible, but the aim of the site is to provide inspiration, and a starting point, rather than a step by step guide to any particular trip. Read descriptions with a healthy degree of skepticism, make your own judgments and appraisals and if you find things different to how they are written here, make a comment so we can improve the accuracy of the information!!

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Happy Packrafting!

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