Lower Hurunui (I) from Mandamus river to SH7 bridge

A cruisey day trip down a braided Canterbury river.

Thanks to Matt Burke for the words, Sam Newton and Zak Hind as the talent in the photos…

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Car shuttle
Its about a 20-30 minute trip each way on mostly gravel roads.

The run
This 30km stretch of the Hurunui is all Class I but, but still requires respect given the amount of Willows/strainers. Watch out for Canterbury’s famous winds, which would make this section pretty unpleasant..

Put in where the Tekoa road crosses Mandamus river about 500m above confluence with the Hurunui.

The run begins with a very short gorge, which is very straight forward in normal flows.

As you reach the Hurunui, the river opens up into braids which are generally easy to follow. One tricky bend in the river of 90 degrees could pose a problem as there is a fallen tree on the bank. This is approximately 10km down from the put in.

There’s a few eddys to practice in.

Get out just before SH7 road bridge on true left by Balmoral campground.

Hurunui at Mandamus



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