Borland Burn (II) from the North-Middle Borland Burn confluence

Needs a fair bit of rain to make this paddleable, but this is Fiordland so you shouldn’t need to wait long… Options of a stay in a Rock Bivvy, or the North Borland Hut could turn this into an overnighter. Thanks to Jesse Friedlander for the information.

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Borland Tracks to the North-Middle Borland Burn confluence
From the carpark on the Borland Road, take the Borland track down to the river and take note of the take out. Jesse Friedlander reports: “It’s an easy 2-3hr walk up the river to where I put in at the first river crossing on the way to North Borland hut. The track follows the river most of the way so you can do a bit of scouting before you hit the water.”.

Take a look at the North Borland Track information page on the DOC website to learn more about the access track and accommodation options.

Borland Burn (II) from North-Middle Borland Burn confluence to carpark
Plenty of class II paddling back to the take out.


Jesse Friedlander reports: “I wouldn’t recommend trying this run unless there has been some serious rain. When I paddled it, the river looked to be running almost a foot high which was perfect. Any less water and it would probably get too scratchy in lots of places”.

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  1. Andy Magness says:

    Just as an update to this trip–you can keep paddling all the way to the Waiau river and take out at the powerstation for a longer run. easy gravel road back to Borland Lodge is perfect for dropping a bike on the way in and doing it as a bike shuttle. the river from borland lodge down to the Waiau has some fun corners up to class II with one rapid near the end (just past a swing bridge) having a couple holes that might be class II+. If the river is run from rock biv right down its somewhere around 12-14 km of fun for a packraft, assuming there is enough water.

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