Dart River (I/II) from Daley’s Flat Hut

A great overnight trip, to explore a newly formed lake.  Some fun, easy paddling in a gorgeous valley.


Be aware that Dart River Safaris commercial Jetboats can travel as far as Slip Stream. Read the Jetboat courtesy code, and give them a call before you head out!

The Dart Track

Currently the lower reaches of the Dart Track is massively effected by storm damage, as well as a huge slip that dammed the river and created a new lake. The track can still be negotiated in most parts by people who are used to following unmaintained tracks, and who can route find around track damage. It took us 7 hours of determined effort to reach the Daley’s Flat Hut, compared with the 4-5hr track time.

See the DOC Website for more information and updates: Rees Dart Track

Dart Lake

As the river flows into the lake, it gets pretty shallow. There’s some fun exploring to be had among the drowned forests and beneath huge bluffs.

Lower Dart River (II P)

At the outlet of the lake, there are quite a few strainers which leads to a bit of portaging. Below there is a handful of smaller class II rapids plenty of class I

Lower Dart River (I Braids)

Once the river braids, the rapids are over.. Took about 3.5hrs from the hut to the car park.


Dart River at Hillocks

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  1. SimonB says:

    I headed up the dart on the weekend and agree with the portage around the landslide. you can safely run the first 100 or so meters of the river until you see a stand of trees in the middle of the river. We portaged the true right side of the landslide down to just below the last strainer. After that there are a couple small drops, the river is passable after this though there are some big waves before chinamans bluff.

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