Lower Taieri River, Lee Stream to Outram (I/II)

This is a scenic trip only 20 minutes from Dunedin, taking in the final part of the Lower Taieri run in the Whitewater New Zealand Guide. The run described here misses the grade III section above Lee Stream, and is a good trip for Dunedinites wanting to practice on some grade II rapids. Could be done after work in summer by a fast team, or a cruisy afternoon by anyone.

Thank you to Timothy Hargrave and Jennifer Fife for the information and photos.

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Outram Glen to Lee Stream

Park your car at the carpark for the car park for the Outram Glen to Lee Stream walk. This starts as a very wide and pleasant track, before narrowing and becoming muddy and slippery in places. Trail shoes with good grip are recommended.

The DoC sign stated 1.5 hrs, but I think we were closer to half this time. The track continues until you reach the put-in at the confluence with Lee Stream.

Lower Taieri, Lee Stream rapids (II)

There are two grade II rapids at the start of this trip. You will see them on the way up, and check them out as you blow up your raft. They can be easily avoided by putting in below them. These rapids would be ideal for beginners who wants to practice some whitewater close to Dunedin before going on a longer trip. They were pretty fun with a very short walk back to the Lee Stream confluence so we ran them several times before heading downstream. <br><br>

Lower Taieri, below the Lee Stream rapids to Outram (I)

The rest of the trip is moving water of grade I. There are some fun features for practicing eddying. This would have been a lot easier if the strong head wind had not picked up, so maybe check the weather forecast for wind direction.


Taieri at Outram

We paddled the river at about 40 cumecs at Outram bridge. The river could be paddled with levels much higher or lower.

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