Pelorus River (II/III) from Roebuck Hut to Pelorus Bridge

This page is purely inspired by videos and trip reports that I’ve seen: I haven’t done the trip myself, so read into the reports what you will, and make your own assessment!

As far as I can tell, it looks like a classic overnight through trip. A longish hike into a sweet hut, then a long paddle through stunning scenery. Feature image is credit to Dulkara Martig Collection.
With the Pelorus track following the river, there looks like great options to portage or escape if there’s too much water, though the track isn’t directly at river level everywhere.

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Pelorus Track: Hacket Road end to Roebuck Hut
The obvious ‘through trip’ route would begin at the Hacket picnic area. DOC reckons about 6.5 hrs of tramping through to Roebuck Hut (6 bunks).

Check out the Pelorus Track page on the DOC website for more information about ways to access the river, inspiration for loop trips and info about the huts.

Pelorus River (II) from Roebuck hut to Pelorus bridge
The river comprises of a number of class II rapids, with plenty of pools to recover in. Everything is possible to portage, unless the river is in a big flood. There are a few class III rapids, but, these are easy to spot from above, and easy to portage. 33km of paddling.

Trip report on the “Outdoor Family Blog”

Public Facebook photo stream of a trip by Dulkara Martig

Trip video on YouTube by Dulkara Martig

Two separate trip reports by Oscar Manguy

Marlborough District Council Environmental Graphs. Select ‘River’ then ‘flow’ then Pelorus at Bryants. The gauge is just above the Pelorus bridge take out.

The river is very bony in normal low flows, so look for flows above 20 cumecs on the gauge.

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