Ngaruroro River (II+) Boyd Hut to Kuripapango


The Ngaruroro is one of the great wild rivers in the north island, suitable for long, relatively easy packraft trips through fantastic scenery. There are countless options for making this trip long or short, with a helicopter or fixed wing flight to the start, a car shuttle and a through trip or even doing loop trips by walking into the start.

A straight forward overnight trip would be from Kuripapango to Kiwi Mouth Hut, then back to Kuripapango. For more than a night, just grab a map and the internet to scheme a trip anywhere from 1 to 10 (or more) days in length. The Kaweaka and Kaimanawa ranges are criss-crossed with tracks, have many access points and lots of fantastic DOC huts, so you really can mix and match a perfect trip for yourself.

There is a lot of private land in the Kaweka/Kaimanawa Ranges, so whenever planning a trip in this area, make sure that you check on the Walking Access Mapping System and the DOC Maps Website as well as the DOC website page about the Kaweka Forest Park
to ensure that you are on public land, and/or ask the right people for permission for access.

This trip page is intended for inspiration only, and is collated by the editor of this site from many sources of information. Thanks to Chris Coutts for photos and trip reports.

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The Ngaruroro River (II+) Boyd Hut to Kuripapango
Kayakers normally allow two to three days of paddling for this section. Packrafters would probably want to allow more time, especially to enjoy the great huts and side tracks available in this area. Including Boyd Hut, there are 6 huts along the way, allowing you to take things at a very slow pace, and sleep in comfort if you wish.

For more information on this river, including photos and vidoes, take a look at the Rocks ahead to Kuripapango: Packrafting Trip report by Chris Coutts

Ngaruroro River at Kuripapango.

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  1. Daniel Ford says:

    Hi i did this trip with five family members and friends. We did this in just post flood levels. It is a trip that needs to be run in high water. We met later a couple of guys who attempted to raft it in normal flow, they ended up walking out.
    Great trip. Good micro-climate – tends to be low rainfall. Lots of 90 degree bends as in a lava flow geology. Flying in is great, but a few days after we flew in , the plane crashed. Not sure if it’s still operating. nearby Mohaka is accessable tramping from Boyd hut also.

  2. Nicole Ranger says:

    Just did this river down from Kiwi Mouth Hut mid Jan 2018 – approx 10cumec. Spent most of the time trying to find water through the rocks, with a few bumps. Def portaged one of the bigger rapids just approaching Cameron Hut, otherwise all good.

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