Copland River (II-IV) from Architect Creek Hut

A wild westcoast valley, with optional side trip to a famous hot spring and some challenging paddling.

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The Copland Track
The Copland track is very well marked and easy to follow, apart from the first crossing at Rough Creek, its almost a dry boot trip to Architect Creek.

Architect Creek Hut is great, but only has 2 bunks, so its worth bringing a tent (plent of good camping around). About 3 hours from the road end.

You could easily stretch this trip out by leaving your paddling gear near Architect Creek and visiting the Welcome Flat hotpools (another 3-4hrs up the valley). Welcome Flat Hut requires advance bookings.

See the DOC Website for more information and updates: Copland Track

Copland River (II-IV)
A few hundred meters below Architect Creek, there are a few Class IV sections with 1-2m boulder drops, which are easily portaged on the left. The gradient eases, with a few larger class III rapids which have some big holes that need avoiding. Easily scoutable. Before too long, the river becomes mostly class I with a few fun class II rapids until the confluence with the Karangarua.

Karangarua River (I/II)
Below the confluence, the volume doubles, with some larger wave trains and long flat sections. On a windy day it might be a little slow going at times.


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  1. Kate Lord says:

    Super trip! Definitely recommend stashing your raft at Architect creek and continuing on to Welcome Flat Hut for the night. It took us 5 hours paddling to get from Architect creek back to the car.

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